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Hello! I'm a 24-year-old Illustration graduate based in the UK. I draw comics and other art/illustration.


FREE MINIATURE ZINE LIBRARY at Manchester MCM Expo <- click here to read about the bundle content and links to projects they come from.

Webcomic update will be online shortly.

(That’s Sammy's webcomic, Jumping The Shark!)

My cover art on the What’s The Time Mrs. Woolf? minizine (plus two articles I wrote!), available as part of the Free Miniature ‘Zine Library bundle, at Inspired Comics Collective's table today at Manchester MCM Expo! Thanks as usual to Sarah K Fogg and Sammy Borras for their tireless printing and distribution! Sorry I didn’t make it to this one.

I have a big catch-up post to do for What’s The Time Mrs. Woolf? ‘zine…More on that later. :)

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Me and Jade Sarson at last Saturday’s Comiket! Thanks to her and Sammy, who showed up with copies of Inspired Comics’ Science Fiction Octuple Feature anthology and bookstands, and stayed the whole day helping man the table. She could have been wandering around having fun - but at Comiket having fun is a bit like being squashed by backpacks in narrow aisles. Apologies to all for spending the whole day in a kind of narcoleptic stupor.

We were also selling some of Sammy’s comics and Sarah Fogg's work, as well as the latest issue of our 'zine What’s The Time Mrs. Woolf?  (More on that later!)

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